Finding your ‘techquilibrium’ with Becca Caddy

“Less of the specs… and more about ‘how can this fit into our lives?”

Becca Caddy is a science and technology journalist, and the author of the recently published book “Screen Time: How to Make peace with Your Devices and Find Your Techquilibrium.” In this conversation, we explore elements of the love-hate relationship that so many of us seem to have with technology, and with social media in particular, and Becca shares her thoughts on ways we can find balance.

Things we talked about:

  • Why so many of us feel suspicious about new technologies, and how we can change the narrative
  • The way artificial intelligence (AI) reads and interprets our interests and activities in order to deliver content to us… and the impact that content can have on us
  • Approaching social media mindfully, by noticing the impact certain content has on our moods and behaviours, and carefully curating what we choose to consume
  • The difference between active and passive behaviour on social media
  • Technologies (other than social media) that Becca is loving… and thinking outside the box for ways in which technologies can improve our lives
  • The often-fraught topic of addictions, in relation to using our devices and social media
  • Thoughts about influencers and unhealthy comparisons
  • Becca shared her top tips for healthy ways to live with technology
  • And finally, I asked Becca to share what she would like the landscape of technology to look like in 10 years
  • The Insta Retreat– My tell-all, best-selling course for Instagram creatives and business owners.

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