Being true to your brand and unique identity with Katie Leamon

I was very excited to talk to my guest today, Katie Lemon, who is a British stationery designer. I first met her a few years ago when we were both involved with an event for Molly Makes magazine.

Katie tells us all about running her business and answers those questions I’ve been longing to know the answer to. I hope you love hearing from Katie just as much as I did.

Show notes:

– Katie shares how she built a successful business from home.

– Designing products based on creative instinct.

– The joy of receiving a letter or card in the digital age.

– The rise of independent stationery makers.

– Comparing selling wholesale vs. individual customers.

– Navigating the challenges of small business management.

– Learning from mistakes and bouncing back stronger.

– Perfection isn’t a prerequisite for success.

– Family businesses can provide support and flexibility, but they also blur the lines between work and home life.

– Taking time for creativity outside of work can boost productivity and creativity in the business.

– Trust your gut and don’t try to please everyone.

– Ceramics can be a therapeutic and meditative activity.

– Launches are experiments, and even failures can lead to new ideas.

– Trust your brand identity and be authentic.


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