On really, actually trying, with Sarah Von Bargen

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“Anything that has ever changed your life – that person had to stop being afraid of self promotion. They had to pitch the book agent, they had to write promotional tweets, they had to work with a PR agency and talk themselves up. That’s the reality of putting yourself out there.”

Sarah Von Bargenis a writer and teacher who’s been blogging for nearly a decade at Yes and Yes. In that time she has travelled the world, created ebooks, ecourses, apps and more, and been featured in places likeForbes.com, Lifehacker, Problogger and Glamour. And she says she only really started trying just recently.

She is a living gold mine of wit and wisdom, and in this episode we talk about two topics that are close to her heart. Intentionality – in our online actions, and in our spending too.

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