How to stop playing small, with Tara Mohr

“A lot of us have some sort of sinking, subtle awareness that we’re playing small – even if we don’t know exactly what we mean by that. We have this feeling – I’m hiding, I’m holding back, I’m not using my gifts, I’m not really trusting my ideas.”

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Sound familiar? Tara Mohr is a columnist, coach, writer and speaker who helps women live to their full potential and find their own personal fulfilment. Her book, Playing Big was recommended to me by Jen Carrington, and I was so inspired by its wisdom, wit and uncommon common sense that I immediately knew you all needed to hear from her too.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Why we play small and hold ourselves back
  • The different pressures faced by men and women when it comes to playing big
  • Why our fear of criticism and being disliked is hard-wired into us as women, and how to be ok with it
  • How the language we use can surreptitiously undermine our worth, and how to make changes to that
  • How to get in touch with your Inner Mentor to help you shape the life you want
  • Why creativity, beauty and the arts are often regarded as ‘less important’ in our society
  • and oh so much more!

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