How to stop caring what everyone thinks, with Sas Petherick

“When we use acceptance or rejection as a determining factor of our worth in human beings, that’s when we get screwed.”

Sas Petherick is a coach specialising in helping women overcome self doubt and find their self belief. She is someone who has taught me huge amounts, both personally and professionally, and before we’d even finished recording our episode together in Season 1I knew I needed to bring her back for another this time around.

I called her up to talk about an issue that I suspect is close to lots of our hearts – that worry about what other people will think of us.I was hoping to get Sas to cure me of this altogether, but her answers to the problem are not quite what you might expect…

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Why not all opinions are equal when it comes to determining our self worth
  • What happens when we outsource our self worth to other people
  • Why we’re programmed as humans to want love and belonging
  • How social media is built to play on this and feeds into our sense of self worth or self doubt
  • Why it hurts when we don’t get the response we expect online
  • Why people’s negativity and criticism is usually not really about us and our work
  • The ways we adapt ourselves to try to fit in with other people’s expectations
  • Why we can never really know what other people are thinking
  • The people whose opinions and judgements really should and do matter to us
  • How tackling this stuff can help change the world

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