Brand styling the psychology of colour, with The Brand Stylist

“it helps you make meaningful, intentional decision that should last a lot longer than fashion”

Fiona Humberstone empowers entrepreneurs to create powerful brands. A bestselling author and fearless entrepreneur, we met, somewhat randomly, on a ship in the Thames earlier this summer, where I was struck by her insight, enthusiasm and warmth. I called her up to give us all a crash course in branding, colour psychology and what it can offer our creative work and businesses.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • What people expect, experience and remember about your business/work (i.e., your brand!)
  • The power of being intentional about your branding
  • Separating yourself, and your personal likes & dislikes, from your business brand
  • The power of colour psychology – and why it’s *nothing* to do with colour-me-beautiful etc!
  • Building a brand that lasts
  • What colour psychology Fiona sees in my branding, and what I could change (and do change as a result!)
  • How colour psychology and branding can influence our wider lives
  • Common pitfalls we make in our branding
  • Why expectations are higher for small businesses than larger
  • Why & how Fiona decided to self-publish her books
  • Getting out of your own way to get stuff done

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