Selling your work without feeling weird & uncomfortable, with Tara Swiger

“I go back to the same three to five stories of people whose lives I have helped, and I just remind myself – if I don’t share this, if I don’t do this, then this would never have happened.”

Tara Swiger is a coach for people who make or create products they’re passionate about, helping them to build profitable businesses. Her episode on finding your right people is one of my all time favourites I’ve recorded so far, so I invited her back on to tackle some of the issues I hear about again and again from people in our community here – specifically, how to sell ourselves without feeling awful, and dealing with vulnerability. Tara always brings incredible value to everything she does, and I promise this episode will uplift, inspire and fill you with enthusiasm for selling your work.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Feeling ok about self promotion and selling your stuff
  • Why selling our work feels so scary and vulnerable
  • Why we get perfectionist urges before we share our work online (to try and protect ourselves)
  • The power of getting to the heart of why we create our work
  • The difference between being self serving versus being of service
  • The merits of talking to people who’ve purchased your work and getting feedback
  • Feeling like you deserve to make money from your work
  • How you don’t need to have it all together in order to be successful
  • How to be authentic without being a hot mess
  • Why authenticity and showing who you are is super important
  • The importance of making clear calls to action
  • Marketing loudly and with confidence to your audience about your work
  • What you can do right now to take a leap into more confident sales
  • Why you don’t need a huge audience to have a successful business
  • Also, special guest feature from Tara’s dog in the background 😂

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