Instagram, Influencers and Algorithms, with Nik Speller

“If your content isn’t good, it doesn’t matter what you do online – you’re not going to get the engagement and audience you’re seeking.”

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Nik and I met when we were both presenting on a panel in London a few months back, and I loved what he had to say. So much of what Nik and I had to say dovetailed together perfectly, and I immediately knew I needed to bag him for the podcast so you could all soak in some of his wisdom on all things internet, social media and influencer marketing too.

In this episode we talk about how Instagram and social media have evolved, and the role influencer marketing has had to play in that. Nik shares some great insight from his experiences of working with brands and agencies, and a heap of key lessons for anyone trying to grow an audience or create content for sales online.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • The concept of an ‘enabler’ instead of an influencer, and what this means
  • The ‘Cereal-isation’ of Instagram, and copycat content
  • Content fatigue, and the real reasons that engagement is down on Instagram
  • The impact of Stories on Instagram engagement
  • The dangers of social media platforms’ search for continual growth
  • The future for content creators and influencer marketing
  • The evolution of influencer marketing
  • The impact of lacklustre or mediocre sponsored content
  • Why sponsored content gets less engagement across digital platforms
  • The importance of staying social on social media
  • What Brands and Influencers could/should do differently

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