Using Pinterest to make your work go viral, with Megan Auman

“It is not a social media platform at the end of the day – it is a search engine.”

This week I chat with metalsmith and fellow digital marketing nerd Megan Auman. Pinterest is far and away the number one traffic referrer for Megan’s jewellery business – so much so that she’s gone on to teach classes to other creatives to share her strategies. We talk about all of our favourite digital platforms, the differences between them, and the rare and magical marketing strategies out there that can also be tools for self love.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Business qualifications, and why they’re not always relevant to what we do
  • The difference between Pinterest and Instagram
  • Strategies for good pins, click through and going viral on Pinterest
  • Setting up ‘rich pins’ and a Pinterest business account (which is super easy!)
  • Why follower count is not important on Pinterest
  • Using Pinterest scheduling tools
  • Apps to create Pinterest graphics on your phone
  • Using Pinterest as a lifestyle magazine for your brand
  • Why boards dedicated to just your work are a wasted opportunity
  • Converting social media referrals into email subscribers and sales
  • Why email lists are essential for sales and profit, and how to write emails that convert
  • How Megan represents her products on Instagram
  • Why it’s important to build an engaged Instagram following, instead of a larger ‘vanity’ following
  • The power of taking photographs of yourself, and being seen on your social channels

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