Going ‘online only’, & being raw on Stories, with Charlotte Jacklin

“The more mundane my Stories, the more replies I get.”

Betty Magazine online|Instagram |Podcast|Twitter|Facebook

Charlotte Jacklin took the decision in 2017 to take Betty Magazine from a print publication to an online brand. We talk about jumping before being pushed, being totally unglam on Instagram Stories and the surprising pleasure of Facebook groups.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Taking the leap from a print magazine to online-only
  • The joy of Facebook groups (even for people who hate Facebook)
  • Using Twitter in a postive way
  • Having boundaries (and discovering what they are!)
  • The happy brilliance of Instagram
  • The Grid vs. Stories
  • The benefits of sharing messy real life on Stories
  • Instagram Live vs Facebook Live, and the power of live broadcasting
  • Stories as its own social media platform
  • Visibility and vulnerability
  • Dealing with negative feedback vs constructive feedback
  • Using polls to talk to your audience
  • Face to face events versus online-only work
  • The January Fear and the pressure of a new year
  • Realising that fear is what’s holding us back – not laziness or busyness!

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