Why it’s never too late to grow your Instagram, with Bookish Bronte

“If you’ve got an intention, it’s so much easier”

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Do you ever feel like you’ve missed the boat on Instagram? 21-year-old Bronte Huskinson has grown her account from 0 to over 30k since early 2017, leading to a book photography business, influencer work, a blog and a strategically planned future writing career. We first met when she took my Instagram course in late 2016, and so I called her up to talk about how it’s never too late and why there’s everything still to play for on a platform like Insta.

Special shoutout to my budgie Jack who chatters noisily in the background of this episode! Come and chat with me and Bronte to tell us what you think!

Things we mention:

  • The Instagram weekend hashtag project (the challenge Instagram share each weekend on their account for people to join in with, with features for the best. Check their account on a Friday evening/Saturday morning for the announcements.)
  • Cultural sensitivity and handling social media backlash
  • Choosing a theme and following a new direction
  • Creating content specifically for Instagram as a growth strategy
  • The importance of a social media following for getting a publishing deal
  • Bookstagram as a marketing tool for the publishing industry
  • The ways a specific theme can help make running an Instagram account easier
  • The importance of targeting a specific and relevant audience for your future goals
  • Judging books by their cover
  • My Instagram class,The Insta Retreat, and how Bronte applied the lessons to grow her own account.
  • The importance of a killer ‘top 9’
  • The publishing industry’s slow incorporation of the world of social media
  • The value of building your own audience, no matter what.
  • Separating our self belief from our Instagram stats, and not sweating the posts that don’t hit the mark
  • Photoshop, altered reality, and where it sits in the grand scheme of photography and creativity
  • Sharing behind-the-scenes, to help people understand what goes into perfect or dreamy imagery, and ‘photoshop literacy’.

Links we mention: