Publishing, agents and book deals (aka Finding your Literary Lobster), with Abigail Bergstrom from Gleam Titles

“A platform with the largest, most engaged following in the world doesn’t necessarily covert into a book.”

How many of us dream of someday writing a book? For this week’s episode I sat down with Abigail Bergstrom, head of publishing at Gleam Titles,the forward-thinking literary division of digital-first talent agency Gleam Futures, to grill her all about the inside world of publishing, the future of books, and how online creatives can find a route into making those book dreams a reality.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • HowGleam Titles and Abigail’s role as head of publishing came about
  • The changing face of the publishing industry
  • How essential an online audience is for a publishing deal
  • Loyalty versus stats
  • Why some digital-first creator books succeed or fail
  • Self publishing vs traditional publishing, and why there’s still space for the latter
  • Choosing an agent and/or publisher
  • Upcoming trends and titles from London Book Fair
  • Diversity in publishing and voices we still need to hear from

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