Instagram and photography as self-help therapy, with Carolyn Mara

“I actually think everyone has a creative bone in their body, but they have to find it and they have to exercise it.”

Instagram gets a lot of criticism for having too much styled content and not enough reality – but sometimes staged, planned imagery can still be heartbreakingly honest. Artist and photographer Carolyn Mara uses her camera and Instagram as a way of working through the difficult parts of her life, and expressing emotions or experiences that are harder to put into words. This week we talk about how she discovered this technique, how it has helped her, and why she believes we all need creativity in order to be whole.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Why everyone can and should be creativity
  • iPhone for photography
  • Creating your way through the difficult parts of life
  • Sharing sensitive topics on the internet
  • Curating an Instagram gallery
  • The Instagram WHP (weekend hashtag project) and where to find it
  • When photography projects don’t work out
  • Creativity and constraints
  • Sharing photographs of our children on Instagram
  • Carolyn’s new class, Creative Therapy

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