Building a creative business from the ashes of your old life

“Fundamentally, that’s all we need right? A reason for being “

Syreeta Challinger started her lifestyle brand and online studio, Moments of Sense and Style, following a total upheaval of her and her partner Rob’s life. Life changed in a heartbeat when Rob suffered a severe stroke and brain haemorrhage whilst on holiday in Sydney, Australia, miles from home, friends and family. Since then both Syreeta and Rob have had to find a new home, new ways of living and a new sense of purpose in their life together, and M.O.S.S. became the phoenix that emerged from the ashes. Together, with Syreeta’s incredible optimism and determination at the helm, they’ve built a business that is all about light in the darkness and appreciating the beautiful moments in life.

I haven’t edited Rob’s audio for pauses etc, because a) there’s nothing wrong with pauses, and b) they show the reality of conversation with a communication impairment, and I think that’s something we don’t hear enough.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Life, love and communication after traumatic brain injury
  • The role blogging and finding an internet community played in establishing M.O.S.S
  • The practicalities of moving back to the UK after years living abroad, and starting a business in a new country
  • How a sense of purpose and a creative business can be a lifeline in difficult times
  • How life changes and job changes can impact our sense of identity, and what we can learn from that
  • Why Syreeta chose to use British-made products and materials for MOSS
  • Working together both as a married couple, and as carer and dependant
  • Attitudes to recovery and disability, and how we can all do more to support and connect with one another
  • Listening to our gut instincts and tuning back in

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