Journaling, writing and happiness, with Megan Hayes PHD

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My guest this week has spent ten years researching writing, and the psychology of happiness. Author and Academic Megan C Hayes believes the two can be firmly intertwined, and has developed a framework – the Positive Journal®approach – to help anyone pick up a pen and start feeling more positive. In this episode we explore her background online, the psychology and neuro-science behind writing your heart out, and how it can all come together to make magical things unfold.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Megan’s old blog Charade Style, and how I first discovered her online nearly a decade ago
  • Dream style, refining your interests and following your heart
  • Megan’s career and research into writing and happiness
  • The parallels between Instagram and journal writing
  • Gratitude journaling, and all the other positive emotions this leaves out

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