A Cure for Comparisonitis with Lucy Sheridan

Comparison and envy can sneak into pretty much any area of our lives, and it’s seldom pretty. Comparison coach Lucy Sheridan has made it her life’s work – and the focus of her business – to get to the heart of those feelings, and help people live a life free from it’s clutches.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Spotting when comparison has its claws in you
  • Turning your passion project into a business
  • Building a business from a point of crisis
  • Appreciating your success/financial safety
  • Dealing with guilt about success
  • How to address your comparison pitfalls
  • What ‘showing up’ can achieve
  • Developing and maintaining your uniqueness
  • Dealing with being triggered by others
  • The importance of setting boundaries
  • How to handle the feeling of threat from competitors
  • Why nobody gets to skip the work to being a success

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