Making, Saving and Losing Money, with Niki Groom

Working for yourself can mean years of feast and famine, financially – and nobody seems to mention it. This week I talk to fashion designer turned illustrator Niki Groom, about what makes the difference, sticking with your dreams, and building a secure financial future.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Taking a break to create for yourself
  • The day to day realities of low income
  • Advice Niki received from a money management specialist
  • The shame and stigma of both making and not making money
  • Pros of insurance for creative business owners
  • Leaving a secure career to go freelance
  • How to handle ‘money baggage’
  • The pros & cons of pensions – and why it’s not as boring as you think!
  • Why we should never work for free
  • Why we should celebrate whatever we earn

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