Carving out your own corner of the internet, with Kate Watson-Smyth

“I needed a corner of the internet to revitalize my slightly flagging career – so I went out and got it.”

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Kate Watson Smyth is a powerhouse in the interiors world. A blogger, journalist, podcaster, author and interiors consultant, Kate has the kind of in-depth knowledge and strength of voice that can only come from years of creativity, hard work and life experience.

In this episode she shares her route to where she is today, with plenty of her trademark humour, insight and passion.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Kate’s route into blogging from traditional media
  • Making an income from blogging, and why you should always get paid
  • Blogging and social media as a 40+ woman
  • Knowing your worth and putting a value on your time
  • Why it takes time to build the following you want
  • How to find your niche
  • The importance of tenacity, and pushing past the ‘winter of blogging discontent’
  • The changing attitudes to consumerism and buying habits
  • Kate’s experience and recovery from cancer
  • The responsibility of having a platform, and the messages you put out
  • The process of writing Kate’s two books –Shades of GreyandMad about the house
  • Retaining your voice when you publish a book
  • The joys and pitfalls of Pinterest

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