Diving into your Discomfort Zone, with Farrah Storr

Writer Farrah Storr has the success story of dreams – a successful journalism career, international speaking gigs, a role as a Social Mobility Commissioner for the UK Government and, as Editor in Chief at Cosmo since 2015, the chance to help a whole generation of girls and young women to find their own dreams, as well.

In this episode, she shares how reframing her fears as challenges and diving out of her comfort zone has transformed her world – and why she believes we all need to get comfier with getting uncomfortable in life.

Farrah’s Instagram | Twitter | Book – The Discomfort Zone

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Farrah’s new book – The Discomfort Zone
  • Farrah career path, and the role failure and discomfort have played
  • The ‘London bubble’, and why you don’t need to be in it to succeed in print media
  • Breaking down the barriers of starting out in journalism, and the need to diversify the media
  • The challenges faced by young people today, and the concept of “generation snowflake”
  • Whether women – or anyone – can ever really ‘have it all’, or should even want to
  • Why we all need to have a ‘failure CV’
  • What lies outside of our comfort zone, and why we need to dive into it
  • The relationship between old and new media, and why Farrah is positive about influencers and bloggers
  • The creation of the Cosmo Influencer Awards

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