Planning, organising and editing your life, with Anna Newton

Anna Newton’s organisational skills would put Hermione Granger to shame – something she credits to growing up with two very tidy parents, and a lifelong love of the orderly. After growing a warm and loyal tribe of followers online for her makeup, beauty and lifestyle content, Anna is launching her first book, An Edited Life – Simple Steps to Streamlining your Life, at Work and at Home. I caught up with her on the eve of publication to chat ‘book babies’, social media schedules, negative feedback and more…

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Anna’s new book – An Edited Life
  • How Anna got started online
  • How our favourite platform online can change and evolve
  • The importance of following your interests
  • How Anna built an audience that has grown and evolved with her
  • The importance of planning and structure when managing your social media accounts
  • How to do YouTube if you’re camera-shy
  • Dealing with critical comments/reviews
  • Anna’s epic organisation skills, and how we can all be a bit more like her
  • The importance of reflection and celebrating our achievements, instead of always chasing the next big goal
  • Where to draw the line with what to share online, and how we can all find our own comfort zone with it
  • The magic of following your gut instincts
  • Whether everyone has a guilty messy place, like ‘Monica’s Cupboard‘ in FRIENDS.

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