Behind the scenes of my book deal & writing process

In a slightly different format this week, I’m delving into the process behind writing my book – how it came about, what obstacles presented along the way, and how I’ve gone about marketing it now that it’s done. I also read from one of the first essays I wrote for Hashtag Authentic, and share my hopes for the book and for anyone reading it.

Things I talk about in this episode:

  • A reading of one of the sections in Hashtag Authentic – Our Visual Culture
  • Why I ended up working directly with a publisher without an agent – and why I’ll do it differently next time
  • What happened when my publisher retired mid-way through the process
  • How self doubt showed up for me during the writing process, and how I (re)learned to advocate for myself
  • What the book’s about, and digging into the different chapters
  • One of my fave photos I’ve ever taken
  • How I’m publicising the book on social media
  • Why any book around Instagram needs to tackle imagery, photography and editing
  • My hopes for the book and its messages around Instagram and wider social media

Links mentioned in this episode: