LIVE in Manchester, Sara Tasker and Laura Jane Williams in conversation

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Reading from Hashtag Authentic’s introduction.
  • How I started out on Instagram by seeking beauty in an uncompromising environment
  • My previous job, working in speech therapy for the NHS
  • Why communication is central in everything I do
  • Why I believe it’s ok to create a ‘highlight reel’
  • Why visuals are the best communication tool
  • My chronic illness (dysautonomia), and how this impacts on my work
  • What my average day looks like
  • Spoon theory
  • My initial vision in setting up my business, and my career path
  • The need for a new wave of honest marketing and business
  • Why I don’t need a digital detox
  • How to start out on Instagram from scratch (audience question)
  • Why there will always be an Instagram community for you, no matter what your interest (audience question)
  • My future dreams and ambitions (audience question)
  • The importance of not being solely led by what your audience wants
  • Who inspires me (audience question)
  • Why going “off-piste” in search of inspiration brings the best results

Links mentioned in this episode: