Using Instagram to figure out your dreams, with Naomi Bulger

Today I’m introducing you all to a woman I could not live without! Naomi and I met when she was a student in my very first Instagram class. Later, when I advertised for a virtual assistant, she applied for the role from her home in Australia. I interviewed her via Skype, realised what an amazing skill set and talent she has, and she’s been a vital member of the team ever since. In this episode we talk about the role Instagram has played in her career journey, and in helping her find the work she really wants to do.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Naomi’s background in media, marketing and journalism
  • Naomi’s role in Me & Orla
  • How the Insta Retreat helped Naomi grow her Instagram and her business
  • The ‘Instagram vernacular’, and the importance of creating for your audience
  • Why it’s vital to recognise and acknowledging your dreams
  • The importance of leaving scope for your dreams to evolve
  • The magic of indulging your passions and interests

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