Dignity in the doing, with Annabelle Hickson

Annabelle Hickson describes herself as an “accidental florist”, which gives her far too little credit for the magic she’s made happen in both her career and her life. Educator, author, photographer and podcaster, she lives on a pecan farm in rural Australia and shares to the world via social media. In this week’s conversation, she talks us through how she weaves beauty out of the things that she finds on the roadside – both literally, and perhaps a little bit metaphorically too.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Annabelle’s journey to becoming an accidental florist
  • The pitfalls of renovating an old house
  • The joy of engaging in the nature around you
  • Creativity and ‘dignity in the doing’
  • Finding beauty in the mundane
  • Using real life experiences to connect with your audience
  • Annabelle’s podcast, and the challenges of public speaking when you’re really more of a writer
  • Being a ‘webtrovert’ (an introvert who blossoms online)
  • Forming real friendships through social media
  • Managing self-criticism

Links mentioned in this episode: