When your successful business isn’t what you want, with Jane Lindsey

My guest this week, Jane Lindsey, had what so many of us dream of: a successful handmade business, a six figure turnover, a loyal team, and her embroidery in homes around the world. But it didn’t feel right. So, Jane did what not many of us would be brave enough to do – she pulled back, completely pivoted her business, and began to embrace her own internal measures of success instead. She talks to me about how she recognised what she wanted, why she had to make a difference, and how she’s building a business that is entirely “anti Amazon prime”.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • How playing the algorithm and customer pleasing game too well can lead us off our true path
  • Building a business with Addisons disease, and working with chronic illness
  • Making successful sales through Not On The Highstreet and other third party platforms
  • Why six figure turnover doesn’t always equal high profits
  • How to evaluate whether your business is making you happy
  • Pivoting your business
  • Why Jane is ‘anti amazon prime’ and encourages slow and mindful sales
  • Offering free shipping, yay or nay?
  • The importance of community, both on and offline
  • Why big Instagram numbers don’t also equal lots of sales
  • Building a membership community
  • Investing in professional business coaching support
  • Staying on the right path for your heart and your business

Links mentioned in this episode: