Why you’re not taking action on your goals – and how to fix it

You’re stuck in passive action – reading about things instead of actually doing them. You procrastinate on the steps to take you towards your big dreams and goals, even though you know they’re the path to happiness and fulfilment? Maybe you constantly make promises to yourself that you break, and your self-esteem and self-belief is suffering as a result? This week’s episode is for everyone nodding along right now.

Things I talk about in this episode:

  • Getting stuck in passive action – reading books, buying courses, but never doing the work
  • Why I made my new 15 Minute Magic program
  • Why you’re not lazy, and procrastination is much more common than we think
  • Why ‘willpower’ is never enough
  • How resistance is always here for a reason, and how to unpick it
  • “You can’t change your mind with your own mind”
  • Headings for worksheet: 1. The thing you want to be doing. 2. What’s the feeling? (check the graphic). 3. What’s the thought? 4. What would you advise to somebody else?
  • Feelings and thoughts disguised as facts
  • Why too much flexible time is bad for productivity
  • Why scheduling automatically increases action
  • How fear is responsible for a lot of our procrastination
  • Weaponising self doubt and using action to disprove our fears
  • Free downloadable prompt cards

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Worksheet & Prompt Cards