Making your own rules on Instagram, with EJ Osborne

EJ Osborne describes himself as a BBC presenter and maker of things who’s big on smiling. He uses Instagram to document his work and life – from spoon carving and woodland adventures to his trans journey and recent cancer diagnosis. In this week’s episode he tells us about how he maintains a healthy relationship with Instagram, how he avoids being distracted by what everyone else is doing, and how is insta adventures led him to his job presenting on daytime BBC.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Old school vs new style Instagram
  • Instagram as therapy
  • How to know what is or isn’t too vulnerable to put online
  • EJ’s experience of sharing his trans journey on Instagram
  • Instagram’s anti-bullying and moderation features
  • The dangers of chasing likes
  • Controlling your ‘inner toddler’ instincts
  • Taking Instagram breaks
  • How EJ landed his job as a BBC presenter
  • EJ’s reflections on sharing his cancer diagnosis

Links mentioned in this episode: