Building Community, Online and Beyond, with Sophie Hansen

Sophie Hansen is a writer and photographer living in rural, remote Australia. And yet, she has built a thriving, profitable and strong community around her, thanks to her blog, her use of social media and her talent for bringing people together. In this week’s episode, she talks about why social media is so essential for her fellow farmers and product-based businesses, and the power of taking those online relationships into the real world.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • How Sophie built her online business from a personal blog
  • Life in rural Australia – farming, drought and lots of long drives!
  • Writing her book, A Basket By the Door, and teaching herself photography
  • The power of Instagram for rural producers and product based businesses – especially when you’re geographically isolated
  • Finding the beauty in the mundane
  • Why there’s space for everyone on the internet, and how to find yours
  • Why you need to ‘put your shoes by the door’
  • The power of workshops for bringing people together
  • Starting her new podcast series

Links mentioned in this episode: