Life Lessons for Freelancers, with Anna Codrea-Rado

Anna Codrea-Rado is a journalist and podcaster who is, in my humble opinion, doing some of the most important work in the UK freelance community right now. Her work campaigning for fairer payment terms, helping journalists establish their own platforms and bridging the world of journalism with the skills and knowledge of the content creator sphere are game-changing and overdue, and I was super excited to talk with her about all of this and more in today’s episode.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • What journalists and content creators can learn from one another
  • The power of engagement of numbers
  • The content creator/journalist/freelancer as a brand
  • Managing your public versus private self
  • The positives of being more ‘reachable’ in today’s media/content realm
  • Anna’s newsletter, how she developed and grew it, and how it now pays her revenue
  • The freelance mindset
  • Why having a key message and consistency is essential for freelancers
  • Why you haven’t missed the boat if you want to set out as a content creator
  • Anna’s Fair Pay for Freelancers campaign

Links mentioned in this episode: