Frequently Asked Instagram Questions, with Maria Wigge

This week I talk to Maria Wigge, an artist I met through my Insta Retreat class, who started sharing her work on Instagram and found it changed her life! I also dig into some of the most commonly asked Instagram questions and dilemmas, including the latest on hashtags and algorithms, ways to create real and heartfelt value for your followers, and the best ways to showcase a brand. Got a question I didn’t cover? Pop it in the comment box below and I’ll try and answer it in a future episode!

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • The fears that stop us sharing our creative work
  • Maria’s journey from making art in her house that nobody saw, to sharing and selling full time
  • What Maria gained from The Instaretreat
  • The power of a nurturing community
  • Maria’s plans for online teaching
  • Instagram’s ALT text feature
  • Adding captions to Instagram Stories & IGTV videos
  • Why the Instagram algorithm sometimes seems to hates you
  • Business accounts vs Personal accounts on Instagram
  • Ways to visually showcase a product without being repetitive
  • Ways to visually showcase expertise when you don’t have a portfolio
  • Bio-links and link trees for Instagram
  • Hashtags on Instagram, and why they don’t always help on every post
  • Ways I’ve updated my Instagram class, The Instaretreat

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