Redefining ‘entrepreneur’, with Angelica Malin

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Women for Women’s #MessageForMySister campaign
  • How Angelica started About Time Magazine and built her readership
  • How the title survives online when so many others have folded
  • Finding mentors, and how sometimes the best mentors can be people you’ve never met
  • The value of meeting fellow entrepreneurs and creative business owners
  • How the difference in experience affects the terms used for women in business
  • Why true entrepreneur spirit doesn’t need to look like Richard Branson
  • Approaching business with ‘playful curiosity’, and why joy is vital in what you seek to establish
  • Angelica’s upcoming book
  • Starting a business straight out of University
  • The need for women-only events, and why wellbeing and business should both be on the agenda
  • The challenges of establishing and organising a large event
  • Developing the skills to run a team
  • Angelica’s advice for someone just starting out

Links mentioned in this episode: