Flying your ‘freak flag’, with The Good Ship Illustration

The first interview I’ve done since lockdown began, for this week’s episode I chatted with experienced illustrators, authors and educators Helen Stephens, Katie Chappel and Tania Willis about their joint project, online art school The Good Ship Illustration. In this four-way Skype call we talk about the magic of imperfection, how to find your creative voice in a world that wants you to conform and the magic of flying your freak flag for all to see.

Things We Talk About In This Episode:

  • What’s great, and not-so-great, about conventional art education
  • The balance between profitability and individuality, and where mainstream advice often goes wrong
  • Creating an online class for the first time, and building a mailing list
  • Why it’s so hard, and so important to get to grips with your own creative voice
  • The magic of imperfection in all things

Links mentioned in this episode: