Anti-Racism Work for well-meaning Liberals, with Nova Reid

“I would much rather you did something and screwed up than did nothing at all.”

Nova Reid is an anti-racism activist and educator who specialises in working with liberal white women. We recorded this episode together before lockdown and the killing of George Floyd, but her message and all that she shares is, if anything, more valuable now than ever.

Things We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Nova’s career path through acting, singing and psychotherapy, and how she came to anti-racism work
  • Nova’s wedding blog and the lack of diversity in the wedding industry
  • Nova’s work educating white people about white supremacy
  • The boundaries and safeguards Nova has to put in place due to the trauma of her work
  • The origins of racism and white supremacy in the UK and beyond
  • Why we need to do the work personally, and not just put the blame of white supremacy on big institutions
  • The practical work we need to take to dismantle white supremacy together
  • Why silence is so dangerous, and how the powerful majority needs to step up
  • Why Nova believes holding compassion is vital to facilitate change
  • Screwing up on your anti-racism journey, and accepting feedback along the way
  • How the current political turmoil might be a necessary catalyst for change
  • How relating racism to feminism can help some people begin to understand the work
  • Nova’s personal healing journey, and how trauma can be carried through generations
  • Why Nova won’t be doing this work long term (so grab your chance to work with her now!)

Links mentioned in this episode: