Minimalism and Simplifying Life with Jessica Rose Williams

“Minimalism and simplifying life comes down to learning how to use the word no”

I’m so excited that we finally made this episode happen!! We recorded this episode just before Jess birthed her beautiful book Enough, which is out now. It’s about learning to simplify life, let go and walk the path that is truly ours. It’s a how-to/memoir, based on Jess’ story about how she learnt to let go of mental and physical stuff

Jessica is a writer & lifestyle blogger based in the Peak District, in the UK who writes about simple, creative & intuitive living.

She’s also a part of the Insta Retreat Family!

Things we talked about:

  • Trusting that you have enough, you are enough and that there’ll be enough in the future and how that applies to you as a human
  • Decluttering and finding your own style, starting with the external and slowly moving in
  • Being diagnosed with cancer at 25 and having an existential crisis that kick-started a big lifestyle change
  • Jess’s realisation that if the worst happened she would have had so many regrets, that the situation shone a light on ways she was living her life
  • The fundamentals of doing stuff well online don’t really change depending on the platform, it’s about having something worth saying, being a human and connecting
  • We have access to all these amazing people online and we can feel like, finally, there’s somewhere where we do belong, that you can share actual feelings and emotions with people over the internet
  • Building relationships with people that you wouldn’t otherwise and connecting with like-minded souls that typically
  • We are what we consume, so having a huge de-clutter of social media is a good thing
  • Minimalism and simplifying life comes down to learning how to use the word no and how that can be really hard
  • Intentional use of social media through asking yourself how you feel about it and taking action to make it work for you
  • People’s perception that we have to be perfect online and that showing any sign of weakness or difficulties is going to turn people off or mean they are no longer be interested in us
  • When it comes to sharing online people don’t connect with perfectionism like they do with pain or being broken because that’s real, that we’re all broken and we’re all in pain and that being honest and open leads to deeper connections
  • Showing up online as you is the key to a consistent online presence, the energy that we put into something transfers to the other person, they can feel it in your work,
  • That we have so much to learn about vulnerability, fear of not being liked can lead to us not showing up as ourselves
  • How it’s all an experiment, that taking small steps makes being more us easier
  • That you end up being so bland if you try to please everyone and how it’s so dishonest to yourself as a human to deny you likes and dislikes – don’t be like white rice!
  • How validation can be good especially if you haven’t received much in your life, as it helps build confidence
  • Learning to use the word no, that it’s about choice and that both paths are available to you
  • That we’re told we’re not enough by media and society, and that we can stop, ask a few questions, try be a bit braver, try be a bit more intentional
  • Sustainability, that the planet can’t sustain our need to buy things to make us feel better, that it’s not happiness but fulfilment that’s important and it’s about asking ourselves the difficult questions to reach it
  • The freedom to explore and experience the good and the bad of life and how we miss out on the full experience if we are living by the rules we have been told
  • That we are working too hard, that people are struggling with the expectations and are going to the doctor to get medication to keep up, that it’s broken, the fact that people are working themself sick
  • Enough is a decision, it’s a choice we get to make
  • My IG live with the Good Ship Illustration
  • Jessica’s IG live book launch

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