Being afraid of NOT doing it, with Lisa Francesca Nand

“Create a life for yourself that you don’t need a holiday from”

Lisa Francesca Nand is a broadcast travel journalist and podcaster who juggles a multi-faceted career, unexpected professional twists and turns, motherhood, and personal heartbreak, with humour and creativity. Our chat felt like pulling back the velvet curtains, a rare insight into the “real” life of a glamorous travel journalist.

Things we talked about:

  • The way multi-faceted careers can feel piecemeal (especially if parenting is added into the mix), or “like I’m doing five different jobs at once”
  • Factoring in time to play as well as work
  • Exploring your home town like a holiday destination
  • Taking things home from real holidays that you might not expect (like appreciating the simple things, family meals, all your possessions in one suitcase)
  • Avoiding habits of consuming everything and creating nothing
  • Making connections on Twitter (Lisa says, “I engage with people because I love it”)
  • Pondering the idea that the Internet means we don’t get bored any more, and what that means
  • On making things happen (Lisa was waiting for a radio job offer but it didn’t come, so she started a podcast)
  • “People say you’re brave putting yourself out there, but I’m more afraid of not doing it”
  • The importance of perseverance, and regularly doing the thing you fear (until you don’t fear it any more)
  • We had a frank conversation about money. Despite living an outwardly glamorous life, Lisa says, “I don’t earn enough”
  • Becoming an “accidental landlady”: her unexpected foray into property investment to build financial security
  • We talked about the way women often hide our realities, keeping everything from messy kitchens to miscarriage behind closed doors
  • Everything has to start with just two views. Even the most viral video of all time had only two views at some point.
  • And finally, the possibly-surprising-but-then-probably-not location that Lisa chose when I asked her about her favourite place in the whole world

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