Stopping the glorification of ‘busy’, with Jen Carrington

“We think our worth is from how hard we burn ourselves into the ground”

This week I caught up with my friend and creative coach Jen Carrington for one of the whirlwind conversations we always have when we’re together. We both talk fast and dive into tangents, so this is a much more informal natter than the usual ‘interview’ you might be used to here, but it’s jam-packed with insight, experience and hopefully, things to make you nod and smile along. Jen and I also share details towards the end of a very exciting new joint podcast project we have planned for the New Year!

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Running a business with chronic / long term health conditions
  • Why laziness is a myth
  • Stopping the glorification of busy, and being afraid of the quiet
  • Spoon theory and managing your energy and stamina
  • Why we get in our own way and don’t achieve the things we want to achieve
  • Envy. comparison, ego and entitlement
  • Constructive energy vs destructive energy
  • Separating yourself from your business
  • The importance of tenacity
  • Our new joint podcast venture! (Send us your ‘problem page’ letters here!)

Links mentioned in this episode:

Send us your ‘problem page’ letters here!