Building a multi-hyphen career, with Emma Gannon

“We’ve all got things we were good at as children that we’ve forgotten about”

My guest this week is author and broadcaster Emma Gannon, who has used the internet as a springboard to multi-hyphenated success.

Emma’s written for every major publication going. Her first book, Ctrl Alt Delete came out in 2016 to much critical acclaim, and her podcast of the same name has taken the charts by storm ever since. Now finishing work on her second book, we talk today about success, money, multi-hyphenated careers and our shared experiences and observations of carving one out.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Having multiple skills, and having a multi-hyphenate portfolio career
  • Unhooking our self worth from our job titles
  • Defining success for yourself, and why ambition isn’t everything
  • The benefits of having a side-hustle
  • Turning our passions into businesses
  • The power of podcasting
  • Instagram’s lovely community
  • Authenticity in podcasting and live broadcasting
  • Taking time with your work, and saying no to some opportunities
  • Being a ‘people pleaser’, and how to move away from that
  • Why blogging/internet work is real work, and everything is possible
  • Making money from our work, and talking about it without feeling weird
  • Managing self doubt, and using it constructively, and to inform our work
  • Keeping a ‘warm and fuzzy’ email folder

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