The art of brilliant public speaking – on your own terms, with Viv Groskop

Public speaking falls outside of our comfort zone for many of us, but is an indisputably valuable skill in an increasing number of creative careers. In this episode, Viv Groskop, journalist and writer turned stand up comedian, shares the different ways we can show up and truly own the room – without having to compromise on who we truly are.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Viv’s evolution into comedy
  • Ways to get experience and opportunities to practice speaking in public
  • Why public is speaking particularly daunting for women
  • How confidence isn’t a pre-requisite
  • Showing vulnerability and the ‘ring of authenticity’
  • Speaking online versus speaking to a face-to-face audience
  • Why we need to hear more women’s voices in public speaking
  • Celebrate what makes you unique when giving a speech
  • Working with Graham Norton on his book tour
  • How to deal with hostile audiences
  • Finding what you should share with the world
  • Viv’s new book, How to Own the Room

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