Setting ‘Tingly’ Goals, with Hannah Bullivant

The New Year is a natural time for setting goals, plans and intentions – so why do so few of us wind up making them actually happen? And worse, why do they always feel so grim? This week I chat with stylist and writer Hannah Bullivant about her ‘January Book’ ritual, how it’s helped her in her family and professional life, and how setting kind and compassionate goals for ourselves can lead to the kind of leaps forward that we’ve often been craving. We also talk about finances, self doubt, launching ebooks and online courses, plus mailing list building and more.

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Hannah’s January Day retreat

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • How to define your business and niche
  • What success looks like for you
  • Finding the courage to take leaps and play big
  • Why running a business can be a bit like therapy
  • Why you should always celebrate your successes
  • Hannah’s January Book, her monthly reviews, and the importance of being kind to yourself
  • Growing a successful and useful mailing list (and how Hannah went wrong at first)
  • The benefits of letting yourself be vulnerable and real on your social media platforms
  • Why self-care is vital, whatever you do
  • Hannah’s gorgeous e-book for Soulful Gatherings
  • Hannah’s Life Book (The January Book) – how she uses it, how it got started, and how you can use it too
  • Our #tinglygoals and resolutions for 2019

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