Dreaming about what you’re really good at, with Chupi Sweetman

By the age of 21, Chupi Sweetman had been a cookbook writer and landed her dream job as a fashion designer for Topshop – but she still had bigger dreams. She’s now best known for her eponymous and massively successful jewellery company, and – as you’ll hear in this conversation – is every bit as sparkling and enchanting as the things she creates.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Chupi’s journey so far, and how she was inspired by her mum
  • Being homeschooled in Ireland
  • Her early years in business, writing a cookbook as a teenager and being scouted for Topshop at 21
  • Working alongside her husband
  • Why you should focus your dream on what you are really good at
  • Why you should employ people who are better at their job than you are
  • How social media has helped Chupi’s business grow
  • Winning awards including Irish Tatler Women of the Year Award, and why it can be more powerful to lose
  • The obstacles and prejudices Chupi has faced as a female creative entrepreneur
  • Why creative businesses should be taken seriously

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