Staying happy and sane online, with Fiona Thomas

My guest this week, author and journalist Fiona Thomas, credits social media with triggering anxiety in the midst of an episode of deep depression – and then helping her find her way back to herself. In this week’s conversation, we talk about the importance of boundaries, self-worth, productivity, Instagram, mental illness and community, and how we can weave them all together to stay happy and healthy online.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • How Fiona found blogging as a way to improve her mental health
  • Fiona’s book and podcast
  • The positive power of social media for mental health
  • Why the friends and communities you make on social media matter
  • Why diet culture sucks
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship with the internet
  • Why your self-worth and status should not be defined by your job or levels of productivity
  • How finding your creative outlet can help your mental health
  • Creative flow state, and why creativity takes many different forms
  • The dangers of toxic positivity

Links mentioned in this episode: