Creating with Courage, with Rachael Lucas

Two wonderful women this week! Author Rachael Lucas joins me for a cuppa at my kitchen table to talk about writing books, living with acronyms (ASD, AHDH, POTS…) and courageously crafting success in a messy world. I also talk to Kelsey Mech, Insta Retreat alumni and trauma therapist, who’s using her social media to help more women access better mental health.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Rachael’s new book – The Telephone Box Library
  • The need for ‘comfort reading’ and gentle entertainment in a difficult world
  • Why women’s fiction is so important, and the power of a quiet message in accessible form
  • Social media as a force for good
  • Why feeling uncomfortable about what you share can be a good thing
  • The power of finding your ‘inner American’ for self confidence
  • Creativity and courage
  • Procrastination, and lessons from 15 Minute Magic
  • Living with Autism and ADHD as an adult, and as a parent of neurodiverse children
  • Rachel’s young adult fiction novel with an autistic protagonist – The State of Grace
  • Real self-care and why self advocacy can be so difficult
  • Our book giveaway – enter on Rachael’s Instagram by 3/2/20

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