What I love most about browsing the #mymonthofSundays feed – which I’ve become slightly hooked on, much to the detriment of my Sunday productivity – is the variety & contrast between our weekends around the world. There’s snow & sunshine, holidays & home. I love peeking into the quiet corners of everyone’s lives, playing ‘pairs’ in my head with opposite photos.

It helps that my partner in this Sunday obsession, Kate, is an Aussie of course; this collaboration, that we joined in almost by accident at first, joins us up from opposite sides of the globe. I guess that’s the whole ‘community’ thing we always talk about on Instagram.

This month our winning image receives this British Bird purse, from Cath Kidston – perfect for slipping into your bag for Sundays at the market, or spent exploring dusty warehouses full of junk treasure.

(click here if Steller doesn’t load)

Congratulations to everyone for their beautiful images, and a huge thank you to everyone who joined in. You can play along at any time, just by adding the #mymonthofSundays tag to your weekend snaps on Instagram.

To get a sneaky peek at August’s prize, head over to Kate’s blog post today, & follow along with us on our Instagram accounts.

Happy Sunday, wherever you are!

{top image : James Melia}

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  • Sara Tasker

  • August 02, 2015

Yes! Almost as hard as choosing from ten 😉 x

  • Sheona

  • August 02, 2015

Lovely shots! I can imagine how it is hard to choose!

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