for the love of linen + Oggetto giveaway


One of my rules for living simply is to try and stick to possessions that work hard for us – multifunctional things that earn their space in our home by being practical and useful, as well as pretty. One area where I fail fairly spectacularly at this is blankets. Oh, blankets – the prints, the textures, the promise of wintery days snuggled up, & summer picnics at the beach. I have more than I can ever use… Read More

TOASTtravels : words from the wild


A couple of weeks back, on a day punctuated by sudden, soaking downpours, I dragged poor James Melia out to a ruined barn in the middle of the moors. I’d spotted it from the road months ago – in particular, that arched doorway. I get a greedy, coveting sensation when I see an amazing photo spot, and I decided there and then that this ruin was to be mine.  Mine in the photo sense, anyway…. Read More

Show & Tell: September


Where did September go? I swear, it was only just starting last time I checked, and now we’re almost into October, and there’s no pretending summer might have one last hurrah. Sigh! Here’s our whirlwind month in snaps. 1. We’ve set a wedding date for next August! We don’t exactly have a venue just yet, but we have a lot of casual ‘oh don’t worry, we’ll sort you out!’ promises from local farmers with barns,… Read More

slow living : taking time for tea


I’ve been phasing out coffee. Not out entirely, because that would be grim, but I’m reducing my dependence down to weekends and sleepy emergencies; my anxiety just can’t take it any more. Plus, since quitting changing my job, those 6am starts have slipped back just a little, so my old justification is gone. I’m supposed to be slowing down, after all – why do I need so much rocket fuel? Weirdly, I’ve found I missed the ritual of it,… Read More

vlog: The Welsh House

the welsh house Bryncyn review

I think I’m getting hooked on luxury. When The Welsh House offered us a weekend’s stay, I obviously didn’t have to think very much. My hardest decision was which of the three houses to go for: I opted for Brycyn with it’s ultra confident modern-meets-ancient architecture, wooden hot tub under the stars and – or perhaps despite – it’s total lack of mobile reception. Eep. As it grew closer, I found myself both anticipating and dreading those… Read More

a little bloglovin’


A post I’ve been meaning to write for an age – a few of the blogs out there that I adore, and turn to when I need to feed my mind and eyes. My first draft of this post contained a lot of links to friends of mine who I admire online, but then I realised you probably already know all of them too. So here are a few you might not (though I should… Read More

fortune teller {100 stories}


A public service announcement to all the people she meets; you are not as subtle as you think you are. Not even close. Either that, or she can read minds, because it is so clear to her what people are holding back. Saying this, thinking that. She went to therapy and learned that none of it was real; ‘mind reading’, it turns out, ‘is one of the ten common distortions of thinking‘. It is not possible… Read More

kids online: how much is safe to share in photos?


Is it wrong to put pictures of your kids on the internet? Is it more wrong if they’re half – or fully – naked? I’ve been thinking it over lately. When I took the above picture, and hesitated to share. When my friend had her daughter’s image stolen for a sinister Instagram role play account. When I read a shitload of rants on an anti-blogger forum, full of outrage at what some parents share online…. Read More

giveaway: Mama Box – London Gifting Studio


 Setting up this photo, digging out the old remnants of Orla’s baby days, I got hit by some forgotten feelings from those early newborn days – particularly, of being lost in a sea of new-baby parerphanalia. I found newborn ownership (that’s the right word, yes?) to be an uncomfortable time. Overnight, I was given an entirely new identity, and despite all the times I’d previously wished to be someone else, the reality of it was eerie and strange…. Read More

Instagram tips: inspiration


With Instagram becoming an ever increasing cycle of coffee shots, Kinfolk, flowers and pretty doorways (guilty, guilty, guilty), it can be all too easy to fall in line with the trends and never innovate. How do you develop your own unique style and create an account that will stand out, whilst at the same time trying to reach out and grow your audience? What if Barbie is doing Instagram better than you are?? In a world… Read More