morning scenes


Mornings are sort of my favourite. I say sort of, because I’m really quite terrible at getting up: pulling myself out of bed every morning is like leaving the womb again on a daily basis. But once I’m finally free from the duvet’s embrace, I honestly do love the morning: the clean light, the smell… Read More

Show & Tell: July


July’s tale, told in photos…   The very last of the peonies. We’ve lit the fire tonight, it’s so cold!  A NoaNoa tiara – ‘my cown!‘ – for a little girl who’s suddenly alllll about the princesses. (similar here and here.) This tote from Emoi Emoi, saying it perfectly. Peas in the pod, which we eat together… Read More

first aid


  There was a day when Orla was teeny, and I’d been sent some lovely cappuccino cups for my first ever Instagram giveaway. We opened the parcel together behind the front door – she was in her ‘wow’ stage and wanted to see and touch everything. I lifted the lid, & before I even realised… Read More

stay in bed


I am a bird, a dormouse, a nesting creature. My days are punctuated by its call; that tangle of sheets and softness that sings a siren song of slumber to me between every duty, job and joy. I’m talking about my bed. Only, it’s not proper to be in bed in the daylight hours; my… Read More

summer wreath – a tutorial


I shared this simple summer wreath on Instagram and got a few requests for a tutorial, so here it is. It’s really easy to make; something about weaving the flowers through is really quite soothing, and it gives me a valid excuse to go out and gather up a basket of wildflowers. The Instagram wreath used cow parsely;… Read More



I did it; I quit my day job. In the end it was sort of an easy decision – the web-based work was piling up and my day job, whilst lovely, was going nowhere new. I was trapped at the top of my pay band with no prospects for promotion or fresh challenges, whilst this leap… Read More

lemon & rosemary flatbreads | a recipe


These summery little flatbreads use pretty standard pantry ingredients & take less than an hour from start to finish – perfect for picnic lunches or emergency carb-fixes. I love them with fresh tomato soup for a quick & simple weekday dinner, or with a heaped garden salad and big chunks of feta in the sun…. Read More

instagram tips: how to deal with image theft

report copyright infringement on instagram

It feels personal. That was what surprised me, when I first found some of my photographs posted to somebody else’s account. They were fairly innocuous choices – a landscape, some flowers, a shot of my living room; mercifully the photos of my daughter had been left alone, yet I still felt alarmingly invaded. It was… Read More

Ivana Helsinki & the moomins


  My friend Helen showed my this video for the Moomin dresses by Finnish brand Ivana Helsinki on a cold Spring day in her home studio. We watched it three times on repeat, sighing over the dresses and the styling and the mood. If you’ve ever read Tove Jansson‘s The Summer Book, perhaps you’ll feel… Read More

show & tell: June


{one} Monty, our ‘time share’ family dog, ran away this week whilst staying in London with R’s sister. He was missing for a whole, awful night, & I was quite certain he’d been run over, or dognapped, or drowned in the Thames. In an attempt to feel less helpless, I asked all my favourite Twitter… Read More