on helpfulness

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Hi, I’m Sara & I left my meaningful, rewarding job in Speech Therapy to take photos of coffee & write about my phone. Well, pretty much. I can’t say I regret it, because they wouldn’t be true; but equally, it hasn’t been an easy decision. I think anyone with a degree of empathy & conscience would struggle when faced with a similar choice: did I want meaning, with crappy pay and occasional exposure to other…

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tips for drivers with anxiety


This is not a post about anxious drivers. I am not an anxious driver – if anything I’m really quite a gung-ho driver, convinced (like everyone else) that I’m usually setting a pretty good example on the roads. I do, however, have a bit of an anxiety disorder, which can sometimes trigger some unusual motoring concerns. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become better at discerning what is and isn’t likely to be true, so I’m…

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Things I learned from Tarot cards

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As a teen, I learnt to read my Tarot. Plagued by the kind of anxiety that made just about everything a REALLY BIG DEAL, I looked to anything I could find to help me feel safe and in control of my freefall through life. When I didn’t like the answers, I’d twist my question and try again. I no longer believe in divination; I don’t really think anything can tell us our future, because I’m…

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Recipe: Tarka Dahl

tarka dahl recipe spices

Thick, spicy and full of warmth, Tarka Dahl has been my order of choice from the Indian takeaway for a long time, but it never occurred to me to make at home. I think I imagined it would be faffy, as many Indian dishes are – requiring complex curry pastes and ingredients we didn’t already own. So I was pretty excited to read this recipe and learn that it is, in fact, a simple pantry…

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Show & Tell: January


January in iPhone snaps… 1. WE HAVE A WEDDING VENUE! PHEW – with only seven months to go, that was feeling kind of close. It’s a big, beautiful cowshed on a big, messy old farm, and I’m suddenly VERY excited to wed this fella of mine. 2. The first snowfall of winter came, meaning the first snow in Orla’s memory – though she enjoyed it last winter, she’s since forgotten it happened. We (I) made…

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instagram tips: get it white


If you’re a DSLR user, you’ll already know all about white balance – but for the uninitiated, here’s a quick definition: White balance (WB) is the process of removing unrealistic color casts, so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo. Proper camera white balance has to take into account the “color temperature” of a light source, which refers to the relative warmth or coolness of white light. – source…

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fuck perfect

pomegranate gore

Here’s the problem with perfect; it’s achievable, but not sustainable. You can do it for a night, a day, an event, maybe a while. You can starve yourself skinny or primp yourself pretty, or hoover your whole house until it’s entirely fluff-free. It just doesn’t last, and unless you’re an unemployed millionairess without any children, there simply isn’t the time to sustain that shit. Apologies for all the swearing, but I’ve had some wine, and…

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Recipe: rainforest alliance chocolate cake with Magnum Ice Cream


As I write this it is raining; it has been raining all week. I remember days in the city where the rain only stained the streets a darker grey, but out here a damp day turns the landscape a deep, lush green. We potter about our rainy day activities, accompanied by the sound of it bouncing on the roof, splashing on leaves and gurgling through the gutters. It’s proper comfort food weather. I’m baking an…

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grown-up fangirl


Hello my name is Sara and I’m a grown woman fangirl. I don’t know how this happened – last month I was perfectly sane and normal, concerned about things like gas bills and work and my iphone battery life, then BAM! The 14-year old Star Wars obsessive in me reared up like a sleeping sarlacc, like IF PLAGEIUS WASN’T REALLY DEAD AT ALL, and all of a sudden I’m right back in the thick of…

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writer’s block

journal & pen: Oree
espresso cup: Jono Smart
Dotty clutch: Object Style

Some days I can write and some days I jrst cnt. The same goes for photography; sometimes I know it will work on the first shot, and sometimes I’m afraid to even try. I creep up to my desk like a half-lit firework, never sure if I’m more afraid of a damply disappointing pouf or the whole thing blowing up in my face. Lately I’ve been lamenting, to myself and to anyone else who’ll listen, how…

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