paper crush : some new stationery loves

Post by Katie Leamon

What is it about new stationery that is so damn seductive? Nothing makes me feel like I have the potential to completely reinvent myself as a fascinating, raven-haired novelist like a blank notebook with a beautifully crafted cover. All those blank pages, full of possibility. I love good paper goods like a toddler loves Frozen crap. The quality of the paper, the typography, the inks… Letterpressing and stiff brown paper and light, diaphanous vellum. I’ve…

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an Instagram Christmas wish list

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It’s a difficult task. What can you buy for the overly enthusiastic instagrammer in your life at the festive time of year? You thought you’d got it just right last year with that leather photo album, only to find that the slots weren’t 5×5 square, and the cover was the wrong shade of white. It’s hard, I know. Long-suffering instagram widow/ers, suffer no more. I’ve kindly put together a list for you to tick off this…

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grown-up furniture + Olive & the Fox Β£100 giveaway


When did you know you were truly a grown up? For women they say the answer is often linked to the first time you were verbally harassed by a man in the street. In that case, I knew I was getting close when a red-faced man followed me home from school in my knee socks and mini skirt, breathing heavily. And when a similarly crimson man came into the shoe shop where I worked Saturdays…

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a day in the life of my maternal emotions


I’ve decided that toddlers are like chocolate. I love chocolate. Who doesn’t?! It’s sweet and delicious and most of the time I could just eat it all up – pleather leggings be damned!  Sometimes, though, I’m really hungry for something different – something healthy, perhaps – and the thought of all that sweetness makes me feel a bit sick. Sometimes I’m so desperate for savoury, you could throw me into Willy Wonka’s river and I’d still obstinately…

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I <3 Kelly Love


“And everywhere you look there are gardens of wildflowers in earthy colours and succulents of the brightest green. They spill onto the blistering sulphur and sit in flower boxes between brightly painted shutters. These lush gardens provide respite from the heat and a haven to enjoy the slow life…“ I got to know Kelly Love & her beautiful clothing designs the way I find most lovely things these days – via Instagram. I’m not even…

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An Instagram Christmas Gift Exchange

instagram christmas gift exchance

After such a dark week, I thought we should do something to spread a little kindness & cheer. Tis (almost) the season, after all – so the perfect time for a little Christmas Gift Exchange. For anyone who’s never participated in an online exchange before, it works exactly like a ‘Secret Santa’, except the gifts travel all across the world to meet their recipients.  You’ll find out their username, so you can cyber-stalk them to figure…

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cold hearted {100 stories}

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PART OF MY {100 stories} SERIES: A COLLECTION OF FICTIONAL FRAGMENTS & UNFINISHED RAMBLINGS… Marthe was born in the snow. Her mama often told it; how for 9 long months she’d predicted her firstborn would come with the snowfall, & awoken suddenly, waters leaking warm in the bed, to the first flakes of December. “We’ve got winter in our blood,” she would say, and Marthe could tell that it mattered to her. She liked to think they shared this, just the…

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recipe: savoury danishes with cheese, onion & rocket


If you’d just flat out said ‘savoury danishes’ to me before I’d encountered them, I’d probably have made a face; I like my food neatly categorised into sweet / savoury, thank you very much, and that sounds confusing and all kinds of wrong. Fortunately, I saw them before I heard the name – saw them and smelled them, hot from the oven at The Handmade Bakery in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire. It was love at first sniff…

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instagram tips: learning from my mistakes II


Hindsight’s a great thing, right? There’s always stuff we’d do a little differently, looking back – and it’s certainly true with my iPhone photography.  Usually I’d be reluctant to post these ‘golden oldies’ here, but one thing I’m really seeing during mentoring sessions is how useful direct analysis and practical Instagram editing tips & suggestions can be. We’ve all sat at some point with an image in front of us that doesn’t quite match our vision, unable to figure out…

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autumn nostalgia


Is it me, or is Autumn a weirdly nostalgic season? I’ll be working or talking as usual, only to find my mind just resting quietly in memories of a year or two ago. I awake with a spontaneous desire to visit a place or wear an outfit, and only later does it occur to me that the last time I did was exactly a year ago. It’s like a game of word-association that tugs at…

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