in bloom


We’re at that tipping point of summer; the days divide themselves between hot sun and thick, oppressive cloud. When it rains, the air grows cold, and you can tell autumn is just around the corner. You can almost smell it on the wind out here. But for now, summer holds on. I took these photographs… Read More

Recipe – simple baked fish parcels


This is one of those recipes that works a million different ways – with white fish or salmon, earthy English herbs or ginger and chilli. It’s been in my repertoire for a few years, and it’s never been out of use. I think my favourite thing about it is having the finished parcels on your… Read More

barn hunting


Yesterday would have made an awesome vlog, but it didn’t occur to me until afterwards. Annoying. We got to spend an afternoon on the twisting sunny lanes that loop around our valley, searching out a wedding venue. We really want a barn, or an agricultural building, or at this point, a half-decent shed – just… Read More

Show & Tell: August – & an ad giveaway


1. Our little Greycat very nearly died this week when he suddenly came down with what we now think was a serious brain injury. Fortunately, he made it back from the brink of euthenasia – albeit expensively, as we didn’t have any insurance! 2. A whole month of lazy summer days with R & Orla. This… Read More

talking to a toddler about Death (& Miffy)


Orla appears to thinks Miffy is Death. Or Deff, as she says it – like he might have a twin brother called Jeff. It’s been a bit of a difficult month, you see… It started a few weeks back when our lovely old house-chicken Matilda died. It was a sad and shocking loss, and in… Read More

you don’t need to instagram your washing up

instagram tips

You don’t have to instagram your washing up. Of course, if you’d like to, then go right ahead – your account is all yours & you should do whatever your heart desires on there. An account of everyone’s different piles of dirty dinner plates could actually be fascinating, so my title is actually redundant here. What… Read More

Columbia Road Flower market


If ever a blog post needed surround-scent technology, it is this one. Lily pollen on the breeze, roses as your feet, clusters of late, forced hyacinths stacked higher than I can reach. Sadly, technology continues to let us down in the ifragrance dept, but fortunately these photographs by Polly of Little Kin  are surely the next… Read More

live with less: kitchenware


Decluttering your kitchen makes a big difference, because it’s one of the most task-orientated spaces in our homes. I enjoy cooking, but wasting time digging around for a missing lasagne dish in a cupboard of overflowing bakeware is most definitely not a part of that. Tidy cupboards, with lots of empty space, make it all… Read More

the good life dress (travels!)


Grass against bare legs, the wind in my hair, a scattering of birds overhead. The flowers that bloom here are strange and hardy – tufts of tiny white fluff that cling to their stems through August, giving way to a sea of purple heather by September.  These photographs, shot by Jo and James Melia on our… Read More

Giveaway : Stickerstack Stationery


Time for a confession: there is one area where my minimalism and decluttering idealism goes out the window: stationery. I love stationery like a toddler loves a cardboard box. I just see it all as so full of possibility. Sometimes when I really love a journal a bit too much, I save it away, waiting… Read More