Elderflower Gin – a recipe


Like an elderflower cordial, but just a little bit more fun; the sweet and musky perfume of elderflower pairs perfectly with the classic juniper taste of gin. Serve with cloudy English apple juice & a sprig of mint, or mix with lemonade & freeze for some very grown-up ice lollies. I read that the optimum… Read More

stay | an invitation

secret linen store me and oral

Do you ever wish you could just escape? It’s a pull I’ve felt my whole life, I think – the temptation to just up sticks & run for the hills. For years I kept a bag half-packed for when the urges hit; some hotel miniature toiletries, a change of clothes, an empty notebook and thick,… Read More

live with less: a little reminder


A little lesson I re-learned this week, with help from my little muffin, & from Peppa Pig. Last month I bought Orla a Peppa Pig Playhouse on a whim. She’d found a Daddy Pig figure in a charity shop the day before & wanted it so desperately, & then I spotted the full set on… Read More

stuff that works: beauty


Beauty blogger I am not, but in my small-ish rant about the ‘natural beauty’ myth, I promised to share the handful of products I do use and enjoy. On the whole, I find the effectiveness standard of most mainstream beauty products depressingly low – a fact supported by the cosmetic companies resorting to photoshop in… Read More

The Town Hall Hotel


I could live in a hotel. Some people hate them, I know, but not me – I see hotels like giant dollhouses laid open to explore. If I ever become an eccentric millionairess widow, (& let’s hope I don’t) I am absolutely living out my dotage in a boutique hotel somewhere glamourous. It’d probably be… Read More

May ‘my month of Sundays’ favourites


It’s been so difficult to choose a favourite from all the beautiful, poignant & happy moments being shared for the first month of our #mymonthofSundays competition on Instagram. We’ve shared ten favourites, and the overall winner (who receives the Axel & Ash journal set )below. I’d love it if you’d click through and show some… Read More

Giveaway: Object Style


Femininity & minimalism. Why does it feel so refreshing to hear those two words together? Perhaps because as women, we’re so often encouraged to be frivolous consumers – shopping for fun, buying fast fashion, the latest shampoo or lipstick, always required to stay pretty & neat. In fact somehow, the more feminine you aspire to… Read More

a month of Sundays


Oh Sunday – day of crumpled sheets, pastries & jam, coffee & sunshine and white floaty dresses. That’s my take on it, anyway – yours might be entirely different. & so I’ve teamed up with Kate from Netherleighblog to find out! We’ve started a hashtag over on Instagram called #mymonthofsundays and we want you to… Read More

Instagram tips: how to be a suggested user


Last Saturday, rising at dawn to head to Sisterhood, I was greeted by the most coveted of all Instagram messages. The suggested user email. Squee! If you can remember back to when you first signed up, Instagram made a few suggestions of accounts to follow to get you started. Most new users click a few… Read More

a little bit of Sisterhood


I’m not really one for group stuff. It’s not that I’m antisocial; with the right people I’m totally chat-happy, but it’s so difficult to locate those key people, and I get so anxious, and then I need a nap. Overall it’s juat easier to skip right to the end & stay home in bed. It’s… Read More