And everywhere you look there are gardens of wildflowers in earthy colours and succulents of the brightest green. They spill onto the blistering sulphur and sit in flower boxes between brightly painted shutters. These lush gardens provide respite from the heat and a haven to enjoy the slow life…

I got to know Kelly Love & her beautiful clothing designs the way I find most lovely things these days – via Instagram. I’m not even totally sure how I first found her there, but many moments were subsequently lost swooning over her printed silks and dreamy, minimal collection. 

A little later I discovered her writing. Each collection has a little passage, a story fragment that sets the scene. You maybe already know that I’m a sucker for an unfinished story fragment; they’re like spring boards for your daydreams, sending you bounding off down unexpected paths of make-believe.

“I knew she wanted to drive through the night, see the nocturnal animals whose bright eyes would light up the sky. She wanted to see the botanical gardens – had a thing for wild flowers and toxic plants – could name them all on a whim. We’d pick up vintage postcards that would never be sent & eat ice cream that would melt before we could finish. The mountains would spread out before us and she would be in her element.” 

me:: wild thistle dress / rose garden dress / smokey grey knit

Jo:: sweet southern skirt / sweet southern top / cactus green jumpsuit / buttermilk knit

Kelly sent over some samples from her AW15 collection, and I asked the ever-awesome James & Jo from Melia Melia to come and make pictures to match the mood of Kelly’s words. Well, that’s the grown-up explanation, anyway; how this differs from dressing up with my friends & pretending we live in a story is entirely a matter of creative perspective ;).

I fell slightly in love with the Wild Thistle Dress I’m wearing in these shots – I felt like Tori Amos in her Scarlet’s Walk era, all blowing hair and flowing, feminine silk. I guess that’s the power of luxury couture. If I’m ever called up for a magazine cover or movie premier (likely, very likely), I’m going to need this dress, and all the glamourous, moody associations it conjured up. The right dress can make you feel like a different girl altogether.

Big thanks to Kelly, James and Jo for a dreamy day.


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  • Sara Tasker

  • November 17, 2015

yes! they’re awesome, though definitely too fun for my quiet little tastes… x

  • Jesse Lili

  • November 16, 2015

What a lovely brand! Thank you for the introduction, I have my eye on those “Idle Days” coral trousers, they are ridiculously fun and adorable.

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