Gift guides are an overdone thing, I know.
I am confident this will be more useful though; in the midst of a breakup, I once asked an ex boyfriend what my best quality was. What would he miss about our time together? He thought carefully for a moment before triumphantly declaring, ‘you buy really good presents‘. Oh… thanks.

It was an insanely inappropriate answer, but I can sort of forgive him because he was technically right; I AM freaking amazing at buying presents – undoubtably because it utilises my best two talents of finding nice things online and spending lots of money.
That, plus I put so much thought into gift-giving that I keep a running list of things people might like on my phone throughout the year. Mention in passing something you need, & I’ll make a surreptitious note. Tell something you like to me in March and I’ll remember until December, long after you’ve forgotten you even wanted it. I stash so many ideas that my brother texts every December to, ‘can I have your leftover present ideas for everyone please?’

So what lies below is no ordinary blogger Christmas gift guide; these are the present recommendations of a woman who makes Santa look lazy. You can trust me when I say that these are all winning gifts: it’s my best quality, after all! ;).

gifts for guys

COFFEE GRINDER / Apparently this is the best or something? It isn’t white, so it’s not going on our open shelves, anyway.

ROTERFADEN PLANNER  / I’m slightly crazy about this German alternative to the filofax, with minimalistic insert and soft leather covers. There’s even a space for your iPhone!

POCKET KNIFE* / Handy for skinning fresh kills in the wilderness / opening fresh amazon parcels at home. Whichever.

WALL CALENDAR*  / Somewhere to record which days the bins go out, because I’m not doing it.

MAHABIS SLIPPERS* / I was gifted a pair, & R has not shut up about how much he loves them. In fairness, they are the warmest, comfiest and most practical slippers ever – and super chic too.

STANLEY FLASK / To put in the rucksack, below, and ferry tea around, obvs.

PUBLICLY SHAMED / One of the best books of 2015, this is compulsory reading for everyone with a wifi connection.

MIDORI PENCIL / I bought R one of these a couple of Christmases ago & it’s aging beautifully. You can buy replacement pencils and erasers for it, so it can last a lifetime.

SHIP KITE / Christmas morning can be so dull for guys – socks, pants and chocolate. This adds a little childhood magic to the mix, and is kind of beautiful, no?

WAXED RUCKSACK* / If Hipster Barbie has one, then it must be cool. Perfect for Saturdays spent wandering in the wild.

gifts for me women

KAWECO FOUNTAIN PEN / My favourite pen, I have it in white and am never without it. 

STYLOGRAPH* / It’s a pen that DIGITALLY STORES WHATEVER YOU WRITE AND DRAW. Powered by witchcraft, presumably, it comes with a wonderful leather bound journal to boot.

HANDMADE PAJAMAS* / By brand Pop-lin, these easy, breezy pyjamas are made for lazy Sunday mornings in spring.

BRASS BARRETTE / Like nothing you’ll find anywhere else, Anna and her father hand make their jewellery and accessories in their studio in Germany. Awesome against dark hair.

MOA BATH POTION* / Smells like the menthol steam room at my favourite spa, and just as relaxing.

YOGA SOCKS / Who knew such a thing exists? Cozy genius.

MITTENS / I used to have my Grandma’s vintage pair of sheepskin mittens, and for some STUPID reason I threw them away. Nothing is as warm or as great in the snow, and I just can’t do another winter without them!

LACE BODYSUIT / I’ve been getting into the bodysuit lately – warmer and simpler than separates, great for stopping the itchies under wooly dresses on cold days. Has the added benefit of making me feel like a silver screen goddess for those three seconds of undressing before I pull my pyjamas on at night.

APRON* / Nadinoo are now offering a select range of homewares in their unique printed fabrics. This one’s a beauty.

FOREO LUNA* / This upgrade from my Luna Mini is single handedly responsible for the presentableness of my face on a daily basis. Cleanses, massages, anti-ages, and looks enough like a sex toy to make any nosy Aunts blush on Christmas morning. What’s not to love?

BE AWESOME / Compulsory reading for anyone with a vagina, and many without too.

LEATHER MACBOOK SLEEVE* / beautiful, soft and understated. Could double as a clutch for those mythical women who leave the house without ALL OF THE THINGS in tow.

for littles
gifts for littles

MINI APRON SET* / Because TOAST don’t do linen ones in Orla’s size.

BUNNY SLIPPERS*  / they’re so fluffy I’m gonna die. 

CAPPI PENS / I’ve mentioned the genius of these before – washable colouring pens with the lids all strung together. Totally brilliant!

TEA KETTLE / start em young, I say.

HOT AIR BALLOON LAMP* /  so beautiful it would be a shame to relegate it to a child’s bedroom. I want it in our living room please!

MITTENS* / Because it’s definitely going to be a white christmas. *crosses everything*

FANCY PANTS* / Anyone who has ever toilet trained a toddler knows the magic motivating power of seriously fancy pants.

CARDBOARD OVEN* / We got this for Orla last year and it’s still going strong. The reverse side is a fridge, and for some reason ours cats LOVE to sleep in it, so it’s really very multi-functional, no?

 CLOUD SLEEPING BAG* / This is really a present for me, because Orla sleeps SO much better in a sleeping bag, and always has. This is best design by miles, with genius features like additional winter inserts, adjustable sides and clever openings in all the right places. Having been through every kind on the market, we no longer use anything else
GINGERSNAP BIKE / Orla’s been asking for a pink bike since she got a white trike last Christmas, and shows no sign of relenting. I hated all the gendered, cartoon-spattered options in toy shops, but this beauty by Bobbins is a timeless classic.

A BEAR’S YEAR / Our friend Gerry illustrated this little book following a bear family though the seasons of a year, & it’s a thing of beauty.

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, but only where there was one available for something I was already mentioning. Items marked with a * are from companies I’ve worked with as sponsors, collaborators or have received something from previously as a gift, but I’m sharing them for entirely genuine reasons.

Tell me what you’re buying this Christmas! Sensible or sentimental? & do other people still exchange gifts with their SO?

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  • Allie

  • December 21, 2015

This is a great gift guide! Thank you! I’m pretty sure I need those metal barrettes.

  • Sonali

  • December 03, 2015

Ooooh THANK YOU for including two Little Goldie goodies to your kids’ gift list! (I’m kind of obsessed with those aprons.)

My husband is impossible to buy for, I am going to take your backpack suggestion. He cycles to work, he carries a rucksack, he can do it in style now 😉

I’ve also just added that fountain pen and those beautiful mittens to my own Christmas list. Come on, Santa!!

  • Sara Tasker

  • December 01, 2015

Yay! Thanks Emma! Poor boyfriends with slipper envy. Or poor us, having to get them some for Christmas? Not sure who the real victim is here!
Magic pens all round please, Santa! x

  • Sara Tasker

  • December 01, 2015

Sold out at the link, or sold out everywhere! I’m sure you can find it!
The Luna works by magic – well, they say ‘trans-dermal vibrations’ or something, but it’s essentially the same. I think it basically wriggles and shakes the grime out of your pores and then you sort of scrub it away with the bristles? It’s sort of made my skin worse in the short term as it cleans so deeply, and I was hoarding a lot of filth inside my pores, it seems…

  • Sara Tasker

  • December 01, 2015


  • Sara Tasker

  • December 01, 2015

Argh, I know… but they are amazing, & you’ll basically never need another pair as long as you live! Plus if you use my link above you should get 10% off! 😉 Keep hinting!

  • Sara Tasker

  • December 01, 2015

Yeah, my mum is the perfect example of a random gift-giver – she once famously gave me a pink fluffy steering wheel cover with a glitter g-string attached when I was 16 and couldn’t drive! So random! I feel like the whole point of gifts is to communicate how much you love someone, and show that you think of them and appreciate them for all they are. The right gift can do this, but a badly selected one does the total opposite! Hope you have a magical christmas xxx

  • Sara Tasker

  • December 01, 2015

Haha! Sorry? Or possibly you’re welcome, depending on your point of view! 🙂
Yes yes to listening & being interested. It’s totally the key. Thank you for reading and for being so kind about my blog/IG – and for sending your friends my way! I hope they find it helpful!
Best of luck with your dreams too. Keep those fingers crossed and working hard, and anything is possible! xoxox

  • Sheepskins Fairylights

  • December 01, 2015

Ok, so I just had a conversation with my husband, what would I like for Christmas? I don’t need anything! But now? I want, well loads!!
Like you, I love buying a perfect gift, everyone asks me for ideas and says how do you find these things? It’s about listening, being interested 🙂
Love your blog, the way you write, your IG. I have 2 friends setting up business’s and have sent links to read your IG course.
Great you have escaped the NHS for your dream, something I hope to do next year!!! Fingers crossed VERY tightly!
Thank you lovely, Xxx

  • anja korenč

  • December 01, 2015

I’m also that kind of a person who loves to buy and give presents. Every year I take time to think what my friends and family would love for Christmas. But I think that a lot of people don’t think much and they give something random. That makes me sad. Holidays are not for gifts they are for spending time with people we love and it’s so nice to see that this people spent at least 10 minutes of thinking what would make me happy.

  • Shrads

  • November 29, 2015

Errm, I want it all!

I especially want the mahabis but I just can’t bring myself to spend the best part of £60 on slippers…I am dropping hints like mad for Crimbo tho!


  • Christina Golian

  • November 28, 2015

Damn, you are good!

  • Rebecca Harrison

  • November 28, 2015

Oh, I wanted that fountain pen, but they’ve sold out of mint. *sulks* *dwells in memories of ink stains n spillages*

How does that Foreo Luna thingy work? I need new skin. *petitions Santa*

  • Emma

  • November 28, 2015

Absolutely love this post! You are indeed the queen of gift selecting. I wrote for Mahabis and have also just been gifted a pair of their slippers. They haven’t left my feet since and my boyfriends insanely jealous of them haha! I have my eye on the magic pen now. Emma xx

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