1.quick-fire guide to taking better iPhone photos I wrote for Standard Issue. Did you know about all these features?

2. The week before Christmas, Mode came by and made this little video with me. My hair is just… sigh.

3. Christmas. Orla loved it all so much, and it was exactly the quiet, slow and simple affair I’d been hoping for.

4. Hanging out with Freya for an impromptu living room styling workshop.

5. Biggest thing I learned at the Nuffnang Winter Workshop: I’m not a natural public speaker.

6. Floods. Floods and floods and more floods. We’re lucky – and dry –  but pretty much living on an Island in the middle of Yorkshire at this point. So many people have lost so much – people’s entire lives are piled up, sodden, by the kerb. There are some great fundraisers here & here, if you’d like to help.

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Hope you’ve had a safe and snug December and a magical Christmas! 

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  • Farrah Dupoux

  • December 30, 2015

Beautiful photos!
Blue Jazzmin

  • Ola z Apetycznego Wnętrza

  • December 30, 2015

Sara, I like your video 🙂 you look not like you on it … anyway I imagined you in other way 😉 What I found? You’re alway smilling 🙂 so in 2016 keep your smile and your work, which I love! have a nice end of december 🙂

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